Peter Kocák


Was born on 15.july 1961 in east Czechoslovakia, now Slovakia, central Europe.

Studied on Secondary schol of applied arts in Kosice, then graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, by prof.Rumansky and prof. Brunovsky, at Department of free graphic art and book illustrations. There has first attentions on Exlibris, which is now his mainly field.

In present he is the teacher at Presov University, Department of Art education and Fine arts. He teach drawings, printmaking, calligraphy. Peter Kocák is coolector of japanese Ex libris, calligraphy, books on japanese arts and history, and chinese art.


E - mail: p. kocak@yahoo. com

www. pulib. sk/kocak    

www. photo. net/photos/marukiboshi

www. flickr. com/photos/pietrocelli

www. rambutan. bloguje. cz

www. printmakingsupply. com/printmakers/interview_kocak. html



He is a member of:

SVU-Slovak artist Union

Per Spektrum-Society of Presov artist

DEG-Deutsche Exlibris Gesselschaft, GE

LAC-Letter Art Club, Hong Kong, China

The Bookplate Society- London, GB

SJA-Society for japanese arts, Holland

Ukio-e Society-Tokyo, Japan


Solo Exhibitions abroad:

2007 - Banhua-120 Prints, Peace Bridge Exhibition Hall, Beijing, China

2007 - Banhua-42 prints, Petrochemical University, Beijing, China

2007 - Banhua, 56 prints,Tuo Zin Xi-High School, Bejing, China

2005 - New Prints, Intaglio, Print Art, Adair Margo Gallery, El paso, Texas, USA (with Yuji Hiratsuka)

2003 - Banhua-Zixing, Print Art Exlibris, Experimental Primary school Exhibition Hall, High school  Exhibition Hall, Qidong, China, (together with Tone Moritomo Sensei, Japan)

2001 - Douhangaka, Print Art, Akagi Museum of Contemporary Print Art, Japan

2000 - Exlibris, Kunstmuseum, Frederikshavn, Denmark

1999 - Exlibris-Print Art, Museul Complexului, Arad, Romania

1998 - Tra Argenti Sogni, Print Art, „Galeria 875“, Regio Emilia, Italy

1997 - Art-Print Art, Gallery of Art, Peking, China

1995 - Print art(together with Zheng Xue Wu), Gallery Modern Art, Peking, China

1991 - Print Art, Showing Center Tenrankai Hall, Osaka, Japan