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Autor:Adamišin Peter (25%)
Autor:Kotulič Rastislav (25%)
Autor:Kravčáková Vozárová Ivana (25%)
Autor:Vavrek Roman (25%)
Názov:Natural climatic conditions as a determinant of productivity and economic efficiency of agricultural entities
Zdroj:Agricultural economics = Zemědělská ekonomika
Lokácia:Vol. 61, no. 6 (2015), s. 265-274
Ohlas:[1] ŽENKA, J., SLACH, O., KRTIČKA, L. et al. Determinants of microregional agricultural labour productivity - Evidence from Czechia. In Applied geography, ISSN 0143-6228. 2016, vol. 71, s. 83-94.
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