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Autor:Ružbarská Ingrid (50%)
Autor:Piatkowska Monika (50%)
Názov:Condition and co-ordination abilities in motor performance of preschool children
Zdroj:Physical education and sports
Lokácia:Vol. 52 (2008), s. 65-68
Ohlas:[1] VANETSANOU, F., KAMBAS, A. Motor proficiency in young children: A closer look at potential gender differences. In SAGE Open, ISSN 2158-2440. 2016, vol. 6, no. 1.
Ohlas:[1] CHOVANOVA, E., DUBAYOVA, T. The effect of physical activities on the development of motor abilities in intact and integrated children with behavior disorders. In Edulearn 17 : 9th international conference on education and new learning technologies, ISSN 2340-1117. [Valencia] : IATED Academy, 2017, s. 2590. ISBN 978-84-697-3777-4.