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Autor:Čabinová Veronika (25%)
Autor:Gallo Peter (25%)
Autor:Pártlová Petra (20%)
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Názov:Evaluating business performance and efficiency in the medical tourism: a multi-criteria approach [elektronický dokument]
Zdroj:Journal of tourism and services [print, elektronický dokument]
Lokácia:Roč. 12, č. 22. - Praha, (2021), s. 198-221
Ohlas:[1] 2021. SHPAK, Nestor, MUZYCHENKO-KOZLOVSKA, Oksana, GVOZD, Maryana et al. Simulation of the influence of external factors on the level of use of the regional tourism potential: A practical aspect. In Administrative Sciences : elektronický dokument, ISSN 2076-3387. Basel, 2021, Roč. 11, č. 3. WOS CC.
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