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Autor:Arun K. (20%)
Autor:Rashid T.P. (20%)
Autor:Reiffers Marián (20%)
Autor:Džubinská Andrea (20%)
Autor:Nagalakshmi R. (20%)
Názov:Systematic investigations on the magnetic properties of Gd3Ni2In4 compound [print]
Zdroj:Current Applied Physics [print, elektronický dokument]
Lokácia:Roč. 20, č. 2. - Amsterdam, (2020), s. 266-271
ISSN:1567-1739. - ISSN 1878-1675
Ohlas:[1] ZHANG, Zhenqian, WANG, Pengyu, JIA, Youshun, WANG, Xiangjie, LI, Lingwei. Crystal structure, magnetic phase transitions and magnetocaloric effect (MCE) in layer-like RE<inf>11</inf>Ni<inf>4</inf>In<inf>9</inf> (RE = Gd, Dy and Ho) compounds. In Journal of Alloys and Compounds : an interdisciplinary journal of materials science and solid-state chemistry and physics. Lausanne, 2021, Roč. 851.