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Autor:Antonyová Anna (60%)
Autor:Antony Peter (30%)
Autor:Korjenic Azra (10%)
Názov:Laboratory measurement of thermal distribution throughout the insulation materials using the Peltier module while managing elimination of external influences
Zdroj:Energy and buildings
Lokácia:Vol. 128 (2016), s. 336-348
Ohlas:[1] The use of unsteady method for determination of thermal conductivity of porous construction materials in real conditions. In Agronomy research, ISSN 1406-894X. 2017, vol. 15, sp. no. 1, s. 1119-1126.
Ohlas:[1] Polyurethane insulation and household products – a systematic review of their impact on indoor environmental quality. In Building and environment, ISSN 0360-1323. 2020, vol. 169.