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Autor:Evin Emil (33%)
Autor:Kmec Jozef (33%)
Autor:Fechová Erika (33%)
Názov:Optimizing of electric discharge texturing parameters of rolls of the rolling mill of steel sheets
Zdroj:Applied mechanics and materials
Lokácia:Vol. 420 (2013), s. 78-84
Ohlas:[1] MICHAL, P., VAGASKÁ, A., GOMBÁR, M. Determination of relationship between chemical composition of electrolyte and surface sample quality. In Key engineering materials, ISSN 1013-9826. 2016, vol. 669, s. 150-157.
Ohlas:[1] VAGASKÁ, A., GOMBÁR, M. Comparison of usage of different neural structures to predict AAO layer thickness. In Tehnički vjesnik = Tehnical gazette, ISSN 1330-3651. 2017, vol. 24, no. 2, s. 333-339.