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Autor:Tomková Anna (50%)
Autor:Lorincová Tatiana (50%)
Názov:Performance analysis, collaboration, power and fear at work of manager
Zdroj:Exclusive e-journal [elektronický zdroj] : economy and society and environment
Lokácia:No. 4 (2015), online, [6] s.
Ohlas:[1] GBUROVÁ, J., MATUŠÍKOVÁ, D. Potential influence of new trends in marketing on consumer purchasing behavior. In Innovation management and education excellence vision 2020: from regional development sustainability to global economic growth : proceedings of the 27th International Business Information Management Association conference [USB kľúč]. [Norristown] : IBIMA, 2016, s. 2369-2374. ISBN 978-0-9860419-6-9.
Ohlas:[1] ŠTEFKO, R., GBUROVÁ, J., MATUŠÍKOVÁ, D. Analysis of the use of marketing communication in the nonprofit sector in Slovak republic. In Vision 2020: innovation management, development sustainability and competitive economic growth : proceedings of the 28th international business information management association conference, 9-10 november 2016, Seville, Spain [USB kľúč]. Norristown : International business information management association, 2016, s. 2992-2998. ISBN 978-0-9860419-8-3.