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Autor:Alvarez-Alonso Pablo (15%)
Autor:Gorria Pedro (10%)
Autor:Llamazares J.L.S. (10%)
Autor:Cuello Gabriel J. (10%)
Autor:Orench Ines Puente (10%)
Autor:Marcos J.S. (10%)
Autor:Garbarino Gaston (10%)
Autor:Reiffers Marián (15%)
Autor:Blanco Jesus A. (10%)
Názov:Exploring the magneto-volume anomalies in Dy2Fe17 with unconventional rhombohedral crystal structure
Zdroj:Acta Materialia
Lokácia:Vol. 61, no. 20 (2013), s. 7931-7937
Ohlas:[1] KUCHIN, A.G., PLATONOV, S.P., VORONIN, V.I. et al. Influence of microdeformations on magnetic phase transitions in the (Tm&ITx&ITPr1-&ITx&IT)(2)Fe-17 system. In Journal of alloys and compounds, ISSN 0925-8388. 2017, vol. 726, s. 330-337.
Ohlas:[1] DAN, S., MUKHERJEE, S., MAZUMDAR, C. et al. Thermal expansion properties of Ho2Fe16.5Cr0.5. In Journal of Physics and Chemistry of solids, ISSN 0022-3697. 2018, vol. 115, s. 92-96.