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ID záznamu:PU.Prešov.2007012216564178
Autor:Šalamon Ivan (100%)
Názov:The plant population biology in productional stands of chamomile (Chamomilla recutita /L./Rauschert) )
Zdroj:Acta Academiae agriculturae at technicae Olstensis, Agricultura
Lokácia:no. 66 (1998), p. 273-278
Ohlas:[4] SÚSTRIKOVÁ, A. 2006. Qualitative composition of essential oil in regard to chamomile flower Anthodia collected from the different plant heights. In Program and abstract book of the I. International symposium on chamomile research, development and production. Prešov : Faculty of Humanities and natural sciences, Presov university in Presov, 2006, s. 64.
Ohlas:[3] VILDOVÁ, A., ŠTOLCOVÁ, M., KLOUČEK, P. 2006. Quality evaluation of chamomile (Matricaria recutit L.) dependence on cultivation technology. In 4th conference on medicinal and aromatic plants of south-east European countries : proceedings: Iasi – Romania, 28th-31st of may 2006. Iasi : Alma mater publishing house, 2006, s. 278.
Ohlas:[3] AZIZI, M., BOS, R., WOERDENBAG, J. et al. 2007. A comparative study of four chamomile cultivars cultivated in Iran. In Acta horticulturae. , 2007, no. 749, p. 95.